Serene Branson talks about her migraine induced Grammy incident / stroke

Serene Branson talks about her migraine induced Grammy incident / stroke - and three branches joins us in the studio this morning for her first live interview good to have you with us got to be here are you feeling this morning I m feeling great a little tired this week s been a little exhausting and that I m feeling like my old self again finally which is great to hear you first watch that video which some people have now watch when you went back to work back to KCBS he sat there and watched it but take a quick look at it again CBS News ring brass is live at the Staples Center with highlights and backstage coverage we re seeing for the very first time sorry well berry berry have a heavy do it burt Asian tonight we had a very dares dares than .

but let s go ahead tear stains in those believe it had a pet what s it like for you to watch I ve seen it a couple times now it still troubling toothy because I know what was going through my mind at that time I was terrified I was scared I was confused I didn t know what was going on and you said you know what was going on what were some the other things are going through my because you clearly you knew what she wanted to thank you had something planned right why I knew something wasn t right as soon as I open my mouth had been feeling well little bit before the live shot had a headache my vision was very blurry I knew something wasn t right but I just thought .

Serene Branson talks about her migraine induced Grammy incident / strokeI was tired so when I open my mouth I thought this is more than just being tired something is terribly wrong I wanted to say Lady Antebellum swept the Grammys and i could think of the word but I could not think were coming out properly so immediately after that be tossed your piece in the take that on the air you re off the air what happened I was swarmed by three photographers in the field producer carry an hour they sat me down immediately i d dropped the microphone right after that my chick wit noun my hand went numb my right hand went down and ice I started to cry I was scared I didn t know what it gone on and I was embarrassed and fearful and the call the paramedics .

Serene Branson talks about her migraine induced Grammy incident / stroke

called the paramedics came you can go to the hospital I didn t they checked my vitals the check my blood pressure high temperature thought I was okay they asked if I wanted to go the hospital at that point it was late I was scared nervous confused exhausted and evening dressed in the back of an ambulance I thought I just wanna go home I just wanna go home so then you wake up the next morning right and what and what point did you realize how big this had become and how much speculation there was as to what happened to you I hadn t been on the internet obviously I looked at my phone and it was inundated with phone calls I spoke with my best friend in the morning I was that my mother .

and work immediately but I spoke with my friend and I I didn t have any idea at that point because obviously worked on my family were so concerned about my health at that point but my friend said something about seeing on the news I m you X and even at that point I think gosh I hope it has an account YouTube too late there probably by that point yeah and your your parents actually seen it happen yeah might my parents watch every night I talked with my mother earlier in the day she s excited to have my hair look that nafta grammys and I know she been watchin she was terrified and but interestingly enough she after the next and she said this is a condition that I think I may have had .

to look at you right to neurologist and get checked out seeded you got checked out you found it was in a stroke that there has been much speculation that that was in fact it happened it was a severe migraine have you ever had a migraine before know I had headaches throughout my life but never really what I would have called a migraine and and the doctor ran lawsuit SS often the best doctors in the world top neurologists and cardiologists there and test for three days I was there for nine hours Monday back for nine hours the next day and finally they diagnosed me with migraine aura