How to get rid of a migraine headache

How do I get rid of headaches - migraines often make a lot of activity disrupted. Pain on one side of the head to make a lot of people complaining about migraines. Before taking the drug, it helps you deal with migraines with natural and easy way.
Reported by Genius Beauty, here's 7 natural and easy way that you can use to relieve migraine:

1. Drinking Coffee
Enjoy food or drinks that contain caffeine can reduce the pain of migraine. That's why caffeine is often included as an ingredient of medicines. But you must be careful because you might run into dependency by continuing to drink coffee every time a migraine relapse that passes daily dose of coffee.

2. Massage your temples
This is the natural way that has been used since long. Massage is a natural way to relieve pain around the head and makes the body feel comfortable.

3. Smell the Aroma Oil massage or rub
Use massage oil or ointment on the temples, then rub. You can also dab around a stiff neck. Oil aroma and taste can make the body feel warm comfortable and reduce pain.

4. Let the Head Cold and Warm Body
With this condition, the blood will flow faster on the head. You can do this with the condition of a warm bath or lying by covering the body with a comfortable warm blanket.

5. The room is in the Dark
Rest in a dark room can reduce the pain you are experiencing. Rays that are too light or glare will make getting a headache. Therefore, make sure you are in the shade or dark.

6. Salty Foods
If you start to feel an attack of migraine, take food to taste salty, such as salty chips. Enjoy salty foods can stop a migraine attack that is not getting worse.

7. Compress Head With Ice
The head compresses with ice that has been wrapped in plastic bags or cold water can relieve migraines. Lie down with a comfortable position and rub an ice pack on the affected part.

Well,,, that's seven natural and easy way to overcome migraines. Hopefully useful and can add your insights.