Acupunctur treatment for migraine headache

Acupunctur treatment for migraine headache - Needling or acupuncture that has been developed since 2000 years ago can cure migraines without the side effects. Acupuncture is known as traditional Chinese medicine is an alternative cure for migraine sufferers. Italian researchers found that regular treatment with acupuncture can help heal the symptoms of migraine.

This therapy can also help cure other diseases. However, in acupuncture, (migraine headache treatment) there are two methods, the first so-called sham acupuncture and the second is the actual acupuncture. Which meant sham acupuncture is sticking needles but just stick to the skin so it does not penetrate. Meanwhile, needle acupuncture technique actually penetrate the skin.

In that study, there was a slight difference of opinion about the treatment of migraine by acupuncture. Some studies suggest that migraine can be cured only with sham acupuncture, real acupuncture as therapy.  This question refers to the actual biological effects of acupuncture. According to the researchers, there is little problem in this research actually happens because of the lack of consistent results. Many also do acupuncture techniques in a way that is not right (which should be based on Chinese medicine).

Acupuncture has actually been used for the treatment of the Chinese people since 2,000 years ago. According to traditional medicine, acupuncture points on the skin that are actually directly related to the energy or chi.

It will drain out so that the chi energy that nourish the body. Dr. Enrico Facco of the University of Padua and other researchers see how the habit of doing acupuncture to prevent and treat migraines, be it done by the original technique and technique pretend. At random then the researchers conducted a study of 160 migraine sufferers were divided into four groups. The first group performed acupuncture at a time twice a week using traditional acupuncture points. 

Meanwhile, a second group using acupuncture to pretend or just use the needle touches the outer skin. The third group was the same as the second group, only use the needle against the skin. Then, four groups controlled every day without doing acupuncture. However, all still get medical treatment when their migraine attack. 

Within six months, Facco and other researchers find only the patients who received traditional acupuncture are gaining real progress in healing than the other three groups. 

From this study, Facco conclude that the real therapy (the cure) is a technique that uses a native of the Bamboo Curtain country, while therapists who use modern techniques (techniques of the West) is not necessarily obtain satisfactory results. 

He added that the results are very promising but nonetheless still need more studies to demonstrate the efficacy of the therapy. Facco explained, this therapy has few risks and side effects so it's worth a try for migraine sufferers. 

However, care must be done with specified standards. However, this therapy still cannot cure migraine as a whole.
In the traditional theory, acupuncture techniques all the negative energy will be issued with chi. Modern acupuncture technique works by freeing chemicals from nerve that causes migraine. However, the conclusions of these two, everything is still based on the traditional ways that are effective in an acupuncture therapy.