Home remedies for migraine Headaches

Home remedies for migraine Headaches - Migraine cannot be denied has become a common neurological disorder that commonly occurs in many people around the world. And some people still mistakenly think of it as a normal headache but actually it is not the same. The difference lies in the level of pain. Headaches common but often not very severe migraine headaches can cause severe and even can interfere in the day-to-day activities.

For that, knowing one key migraine treatment that migraine relapse when daily activities can still be done. However, if the migraine you've already relapsed and could not move much, you can take a powerful home remedies relieve migraine pain. Do you want to know?

Below there are some solutions to treat migraine home remedies that are very easy, as reported Health me up, including the following

Compress your head with ice - When it is difficult to reduce the pain due to migraines, you can treat a cold therapy. Where you put enough ice in the center of the head pain is your pain and usually reduced because ice has anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin B2 - Consume at least 400 mg of vitamin B2 helps to significantly reduce the symptoms of migraine. Meanwhile Sunita Pathania a dietician and Diabetes Educator of Healthy Living Diet Clinic-Mumbai explains, that the best source of vitamin B2 which you can choose from include: is chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, milk and dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese, nuts, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and cereals.

Try some relaxation techniques - Some relaxation techniques such as yoga, massage head, tai-chi or meditation can reduce headaches and improve your focus.

Drinking a cup of hot tea - A cup of warm herbal tea made ​​with peppermint or lemon can help relieve headaches, especially migraines that make you nauseous.

Doing acupuncture - Acupuncture is more effective than medication in reducing migraine suffering. However, to get the benefits of acupuncture can be said to include slow, but acunpuncture is guaranteed to not be able to cope with migraine recurrence in a long time.  Home remedies for migraine Headaches